2016-2017 RECITAL 


Recital Tickets - $15

STUDIO REHEARSAL Tomorrow and Wednesday at 5PM (Tot classes will go first, but all dancers need to arrive by 5). We hope to be done by 8PM. ALL DANCERS MUST BE IN BLACK.
The back studio will be open for parents and waiting dancers to hang out (try on costumes etc). Buffalo Collective (next door) will also be open for us to use for snacks and to pickup tickets. They will also have the bar open for any parents who want a frosty beverage while waiting for their dancers.

FULL DRESS REHEARSAL FRIDAY the 9th at St. Francis at 5PM.

Here is the lineup for the Recital this year:

Part I
Opening “This is what you came for”
1.Ballet Mini (Mon 6) “I See the Light”
2.Introducing Danielle Berst
3.Introducing Lauren Wilson
4.Introducing Emily Harrington
5.Pointe “Beauty & the Beast”
6.Introducing Kenzie & Josh Schaefer
7.Introducing Mairead Caulfield
8.Tot I (Mon 5) “Get Back Up Again”
9.Introducing Brittany Kempf
10.Jazz (Wed 5pm) “School Days”
11.Introducing Tia Thourling & Emma Connors
12.Introducing Kenzie Schaefer
13.Tap Mini (Thurs 5pm) “Singing in the Rain”
14.Introducing Bella O’Hara, Brenna Bernhalter & Abby Mailloux
15.Acro II (Tues 8) “Halloween”
16.Advance Dance (Wed 8) “Fade”
17.Introducing Kyra Soto & Mary Bea Lalley
18.Jazz Beg (Tues 5)
19.Modern (Thurs 7) “Experience”
Part II
1.Tap Intermediate (Tues 6) “Military Beat”
2.Introducing Athena Parisi
3.Tot II (Sat 10am) “It’s Oh So Quiet”
4.Introducing Hailey, Britt & Aniesah
5.Hip Hop (Wed 5pm Studio 2) “24KT”
6.Hip Hop (Wed 7pm) “Don’t Stop, Get It”
7.Hip Hop (Wed 6pm) "Whay Girls Like" 
8.Tot I (Sat 9am) “Extravaganzaglorious”
9."Water Under the Bridge"
10.Tap Mini (Thurs 4pm) “Friend Like Me”
11.Ballet II (Mon 7pm) “Drop In The Ocean”
12.Ballet Advanced (Mon 8pm) “We Can Always Come Back To This”
13.Jazz Mini (Thurs 6pm) “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
14.Introducing Jen Krause
15.Introducing Abby Mailloux
16.Introducing Brenna Bernhalter
17.Acro I (Tues 7)
18.Introducing Hailey Kempf
19.Introducing Bella O’Hara
20.Jazz (Wed 6pm) “We Found Love”
We cant wait to see all of you!